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The Wonders of Motherhood (and Furbabies)

Posted by Annie Rabbit on

Opening Ramble...

So, as I write this my hubby is two hours away attending a memorial for a work mate and I am home alone - well not quite alone.  One daughter is 110 km away with two small girls of her own and my son may make an appearance tonight - probably at tea time!

Several weeks ago, we lost our beautiful adopted greyhound, Max.  He had been with us for nine years and had been the third member of our family since the kids left home.  He was getting old and we knew that we would lose him but still it came as a huge shock and gut-wrenching grief when the time came.  He breathed his last in our arms and that massive heart ceased to beat and he was gone.  The next two days were spent crying and going through that strange grief spiral that sees you ok one minute and without warning, next minute gasping for air as the pain  hits anew - a memory, an empty place on the floor, even that I didn't have to step over him as I went to the bathroom at night.  My hubby and I were both missing him immensely even though, as a man, he managed to hold it all together as I fell apart on his shoulder.

Fast forward two weeks and he drops a suggestion that we adopt another greyhound; in fact, he said, not one but two!  Scarcely believing my ears, I heartily agreed and we set about contacting the Greyhound Adoption Program in Seymour in Victoria.

They do a wonderful job there.  Larissa and the other workers take dogs who have finished their racing careers and retrain them to be pets, finding loving families for them.  The harsh reality is that many of these beautiful, purebred dogs are put down when they can't race anymore.  The GAP program tries very hard to re-home all their beautiful dogs.  They have quite a lot on their books at the moment needing that extra love that a good home can provide.  

Then, I could sing the praises of these wonderful dogs till the cows come home.  They have wonderful, loving, affectionate and quiet natures.  They are good with kids, older people and other dogs. Greyhounds are smart, clean and need only a little bit of exercise each day.  If fact, a twenty minute walk is all they need.  You would think a racing dog would be full of energy, but they are the ultimate couch potatoes, sleeping up to 20 hours a day.  They don't need a lot of space and can be successfully housed in a flat or unit, which is amazing.

Bo and Maddy joined us just yesterday.  They are the most beautiful young dogs and an absolute delight.  They are quickly learning the house rules - Neither Bo nor Maddy were fostered, so teaching them their manners is our job but it isn't difficult as they just want to please.  Bo is a huge boy, superbly muscled from a successful racing career and Maddy is a diminutive, dainty lady with a white blaze and chest.  She has a penchant for fluffy toys so I have to teach her which ones she can play with and which ones she cannot!

So far, neither has shown an interest in my metal, glass and fabric collection that makes up my jewellery making studio.  Both of them checked it all out and left without disturbing any of it.  Big Plus!  They are interested in what I am doing when I sit at the desk but otherwise are very polite and well behaved.  

Here I sit with my new furbabies; the house is full again and the ghost of Maxie remains as a pleasant memory of the one who paved the way for these two new babies.  We still miss that old dog synchronicity, where, after nine years, he knew us so well and we knew him.  He practically spoke English - seeming to understand every word we uttered and knew what we always wanted him to do.  He understood, 'bedtime', 'tucker time', 'outside', 'inside', 'walkies' of course, and so much more.  These dear babies will need time to develop that sense of being 'in tune' with us and us with them.  And of course, the personalities are so different!  Already I have copped many 'kisses' - licks in the face, which was not something that Maxie ever did so it is a learning curve for all of us. 

I would encourage anyone in need of a beautiful doggie companion, to check out the GAP dogs at  http://gap.grv.org.au/.

You won't be disappointed.  

Jewellery News

During the winter months there is usually a hiatus.  The markets stop and we all hunker down for winter.  This year, however has seen the opening of the new Winter Market in the Warragul Arts Centre.  On the third Saturday of each month I head down there and put out my wares.  The customers are gradually learning where we are and there are always a few sales which makes it worthwhile.  

Kumihimo is my new passion and I must have forty new bracelets and around 20 key tags.  The key tags are a fun way to use the kumihimo ends and they make lovely bling for people's bags or keys.  The beauty is the wonderful combinations I can make with pearls, gemstones, crystals and glass beads.  Some are wire wrapped and some just simply connected.  They make great, low cost, presents for folk as they will certainly not get them anywhere else.  

Several of my pieces have been accepted by the Meeniyan and Leongatha Art Galleries and they are doing well.  So far four necklaces, a bracelet and a key tag have been sold.  Once a month I go down to Leongatha to mind the gallery and to chat with the lovely people who drop in over the afternoon.  The next day will be Monday June 22nd.  If you are around and free, please drop in and say hi.  I love that my pieces are gaining respectability as 'Art' by being in the galleries.  For those who have one of my 'big necklaces' - you already know that.

Special Offer...

Each time I do a newsletter, I put in a piece that I have designed and created which has not been published nor taken to market.  This month's piece is a gorgeous silver and purple pearl bracelet with matching earrings.  This is an offer only open to newsletter recipients.  Let me know by return email if you wish to purchase this set.  The special price is only $35 for both pieces!  This is 30% off the retail price.  First in best dressed.


Don't forget that I also offer a repair service.  Don't leave your favourite necklaces and bracelets languishing in the bottom of your jewellery box.  Send them to me and if possible, I will make them good as new.  Some of the repair jobs I have completed include making all of grandma's old pearls into a pearl necklace; finding a matching crystal insert for a favourite pair of earrings; rethreading beaded bracelets; rethreading beaded necklaces; mended a suncatcher; and various other jobs.  My prices are very reasonable and can usually be quoted prior to completion.  

If you need a postal address, please email me.

'May the road rise up to meet you and may the wind be at your back.'

Blessings and Love 


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