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September News - and a big, big prize up for grabs!!

Posted by Annie Laughton on

Hey there lovelies - hope this finds you well and happy.  My world has been bombarded by sadness in the last few days - not my sadness but the sadness of others.  Life is just too short and needs to be enjoyed to the max - we never know how long we will have on this earth but if we make the most of every second - we will have no regrets.  My heart goes out to all those I know who have lost someone close recently.  On the other hand, a new baby has been born and my nephew has become a father.  I wish he and his partner and new baby all good things. 

There was an old book on the counter of the school bookshelf today and it caught my eye.  It was called the  'Book of Insights.'  I might use a few of the quotes in my blog as they were wonderfully wise and meaningful.  Some people are so clever.  My favourite today is this one:(My paraphrase)

"We are all dealt a set of cards in our lives.  Nothing will change the cards we are dealt but we have the choice on how we play those cards."

If we play them with love, with grace and with honesty then we will have the best outcomes.  This is how I try to live my life and I have the most wonderful opportunity to head to Cambodia in two weeks to do as much as I can to help the poor and the sad.  The itinerary isn't set in concrete and we are just going to go with the flow to see what we can do.  We are transporting piles of cotton quilts made by a wonderful elderly lady in Victoria plus some other clothes and items.  Guessing there won't be much room in my suitcase for my stuff lol...so no jewellery making for a fortnight.  I'll be dreaming of designs and things to make and do my best to look out for interesting items to bring back to share.  

This is the first time my shop has been open when I am not in the country so it is difficult to decide whether to leave it open or close it down.  Mind you, trying to explain to my beloved how to pack and post items (if indeed he can find them) is problematical, not the least being that he looks like a man looks lol.  Seriously, if you wish to purchase items in the period between September 19 and October 6th, please make allowance that I may be posting en masse when I return.  I'd rather not close down for that time so continue to visit and if you purchase - please be sure I will honour all orders as soon as I can.  If you are buying for a gift, please try to finalise before September 19th and I will post before I leave.

Lastly, there have been a lot of bookmarks posted online in the last few weeks as I have been getting orders so thought to boost the stock in the shop.  Here is a picture of how they are used.  I love mine and smile every time I see it. Feel free to ask for colours that may not be in the shop and for those who want a little gift for a non -reader - I can do the same designs in keyrings - both silver and bronze.  You only need to ask.  

A big giveaway prize will be offered very soon.  Stay tuned.


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