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Dust Bunnies Anyone?

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You know how much I love Rabbits - Bunnies of every shape and size; the lop-eared, the pink noses, dwarf, fuzzy lop...and the list goes on.  Gorgeous, doe eyed, cuddly little soul warmers.  

Lately, however, I've found a bunny that I don't particularly enjoy - the Dust Bunnies!

Ok, so I am an artist.  We are not renowned for organisational skills, neatness or for having orderly lives.  My life is no exception.  Seems every time I look round there are things to be done, messes to be cleaned up and the dreaded housework and that is without including my working desk.  The working desk was a pristine palette of creative possibilities only a couple of months ago. 

Today, it is back to how it was pre-giant clean up.  If one is lucky, then one might find a patch of open  ground, somewhere in the maelstrom and there work can be done.  Funny though, there is never any scarcity of creative energy when the desk is like it is.  When it was completely bare - you guessed it - creator's block.

So where is the happy medium?  A part of me yearns for that uncluttered space.  Looking through the latest House and Garden magazine - I am drawn to every picture of idyllic spaces, open lounges, large bathrooms, country, cottage, sleek, modern - seems that I have no preferences at all.  I like every single layout and can picture myself curling up on that large, soft cushion in the middle of an empty floor; or swinging in the hanging seat on the ocean view decking.


Liking every style made me think and it finally dawned that what I like in every picture is that open, uncluttered neatness.  Completely different from my lifestyle in every way - every room is clean, no dust, no crumpled tissues under the couch, no dirty coffee cups, the little moulded plastic container for a pair of ear buds long since lost; magazines still in plastic wrapping, scissors, dusters, jewellery...  And I KNOW a lot of you are feeling that!

What would be perfect, I have decided, is if I could transport myself off to one of those pristine rooms just for a little while each day - to unwind, have a coffee, read a book for half an hour and then zap back to my beloved jewellery desk, with all its amazing jumble of bits and pieces, and create the heck out of it!  Anybody with me?

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